The Colonists


Cover: The Colonists


ca 30 - 240 min.

1 - 4
Game Design:
Tim Puls
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Grzegorz Kobiela
Release Year:
62 places, 274 buildings, 48 storage tiles, 4 markets, 1 start player marker, 140 wooden parts, 445 goods tiles, 180 cards, 4 player boards, 9 overviews, 1 score pad, 1 appendix, 1 introductory game & 1 rule book
Choking Hazard

NOT A TOY! Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years.


The Colonists - The epic strategy game!

The Emperor entrusted you with the task to establish a glorious and prosperous community. To show the Emperor that his trust in you is not in vain, you send out your trusted steward into the countryside, instructing him to build residences to attract new colonists into your community. Recruiting colonists is not enough; you have to create jobs for them as well. Therefore, you should also build buildings, where the colonists of your community can work. This will require a lot of resources; so let your steward or your colonists collect them. With time, duties will become more complex, which is why you should educate your colonists so they are ready for the tasks at hand. Farmers will turn into citizens which in turn can become successful merchants. Establish relations with distant colonies by building embassies in your community; and your community will be thriving in no time...

Advanteges during the 19th century changed life in villages and cities big time. The industrialization and specialized jobs made sure that each community started to develop in a different direction. Build your own village and decide how it will develop. The Colonists is the first game by novel designer Tim Puls; and what a game it is. The game offers possibillities to adapt it to your liking. Want to play just an hour? Or a fully fledged campaign over several hours? No problem at all. Players can choose playtime and complexity on their own. The game ven supports to "save" the state of the game.

Players act on a central game board which growth over time and offers more and more options. You try to build up your community and to keep your citizens happy (by giving them work). Full employment not only helps to grow your village, but also is rewarded with victory points. A vast amount of buildings, 9 specializations and a decent amount of development cards help to make things interesting for strategic players and guarantee that no game is like the other.



Appendix (German)
Introductory Game
Introductory Game (German)
Rules (German)


I read that the playtime of 30 - 240 minutes is unrealistic and the game takes much longer. But how long *does* it take then?

The playtime shown on the box is an estimated value. When developing the game we tested it with several gaming groups in different line-ups and with different player counts. We found that about 15 minutes per player and epoche were the average.

Well... seems like we were wrong. After the release of the game a lot of people came up to us and remarked that they are not able to meat the approximate playtime at all. We don't know why it is like that, but can't argue against the obvious (and don't want to, too). After analyzing emails, personal conversations and forum posts all over the internet we now think that a more realistic estimated is somewhere around 30 - 45 minutes per player and epoche. Long story short, the playtime seems to be somewhere between 30 - 45 min. (1 player, 1 epoche) and 8 hours (4 players, 4 epoches), but we have also already seen playtimes which exceeded even this. Afterall playtime depends heavily on who you are playing together with.

I heard that there are scenarios available for "The Colonists". Where can I find them?

As far as it concernes the German market (and us as publisher until recently), there are 4 scenarios available. Unfortunately we don't exactly know which of them are already released in English (or other languages for that matter), but we will have a look into this (as we are now publishing our games in English on our own) and it is possible that we make them available at some time e. g. here on our homepage.

1. "Das Bündnis der sechs Städte" ("Alliance of the six cities")
2. "Die kaiserliche Post" ("The imperial post")
3. "Kaizo Kolonisten" ("Kaizo Colonists")
4. "Feudalherren" ("Feudal lords")

Is there an errata with all the questions, remarks, errors, etc.?

Yes, you can find it in the download section: "Errata"