Farmers of the Moor


Cover: Agricola: Farmers of the Moor


ca. 30 min. per player

1 - 5
Not available
Game Design:
Uwe Rosenberg
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Uwe Rosenberg & Hanno Girke
Release Year:
2 game board extensions, 1 hospital board, 25 wooden horses, 27 fuel tokens, 42 "Moor / Forest" tiles, 6 field tiles, 12 other tiles, 153 cards, 1 score pad & 1 rule book
Choking Hazard

NOT A TOY! Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years.


This is an expansion! In order to play it, you will need the base game.


In Farmers of the Moor, your farm boards are covered with forest and moor tiles that you need to remove in order to plow fields or build pastures and rooms. For this purpose, there are seven so-called special action cards that you can use instead of placing a person. By doing so, you do not lose out on placing a person, you just postpone it until a later turn. Also, winter has come to Agricola: In the feeding phases, you must not only feed two to five hungry mouths but also provide them a warm place to sleep. The better the material of your house, the less fuel it will take to heat it. Fuel is a new type of good that can be gained from wood or by cutting peat in your moors.

Note: This game is also available in a revised edition.



Rules (German)
Score Sheet (German)
Solo variation
Solo variation (German)


Can I use this expansion with the revised edition of Agricola?

Yes-ish. The revised edition uses unified phrasing, reworked cards and a modernized graphics design to deliver a more consistent and overall better (at least in our opinion) game flow and feel. Mixing old and new version parts therefore might create problems. Nonetheless, the overall mechanics of the game haven't changed, giving people with an advanced understanding on how the game works the possibility to "ignore" these problems; at least to a certain extent. However, we only recommend mixing old and revised edition for such "professionals".

Can I add this expansion for solo mode in Agricola?

Farmers of the Moor expansion comes with a solo mode, which is quite different from the multiplayer game,
as it, naturally, lacks opponents.

Another solo mode provided by Karl Stemmer addresses this issue by introducing a virtual opponent who will block spaces and
special actions: you are starting a 2 player game while the "automa" opponent makes your world miserable. This variant is available for you in the download section above.

In his variation, you play in fact a 2 player game,