Cover: Agricola: L-Deck


ca. 30 min. per player

1 - 5
Not available
Game Design:
Lookout Spiele
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Lookout Spiele
Release Year:
2008 - 2019
since release approx. 92 cards (some are available in several languages)

This is an expansion! In order to play it, you will need the base game.


The (in-) famous Agricola: L-Deck, a loose collection of promo cards for Agricola a lot of collectors strife to complete, but it's not that easy! Most of the cards are handed out freely on fairs and events (most importantly the SPIEL in Essen, but some are only available through e. g. funny tasks, as an addition to a specific game or other "activities" (whatever comes to our mind next). Additionally there are people who claim that it is also possible to get cards by asking nicely in the order comment field in our online shop, but that's too easy, right?

The cards are consecutively numbered and usually we add a few every year. Most of them are more on the funny side of life and hint pop culture references, puns or people. Why people you ask? Well, let's go back to when the L-Deck was created in 2008 and we at Lookout were thinking about how to promote Agricola. The idea of having some kind of "collectible card game" was found pretty quickly, but where should the cards be available to collect? Our solution: Instead of some "generic" promo cards, the cards depict people who worked on Agricola throughout the development and these people could hand the cards our personally! That way the "People-Deck" (German "Leute-Deck"; or short "L-Deck") was created. And you now also know why it's called L-Deck and not e. g. W-Deck ("Witzig-Deck"; German for "Funny-Deck").



Agricola L-Deck overview (as of April 2020)
Old L-Deck cards for self-printing


Are the cards from the L-Deck for the original or the revised edition of Agricola?

Being precise, the answer is that it depends on every single card on its own. A more general explanation is, that all cards released before 2016 were developed using the original edition of Agricola, while all cards since 2016 were developed using the revised edition as reference.