Cave vs. Cave


Cover: Caverna: Cave vs. Cave


ca. 20 - 40 min.

1 - 2
Game Design:
Uwe Rosenberg
Graphic Design:
atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
Rules & Development:
Grzegorz Kobiela
Release Year:
1 action board, 2 player boards, 12 action tiles, 24 room tiles, 12 resource markers (8 wood, 4 paper), 1 additional cavern tile, 7 walls, 4 action markers, 1 start player marker & 1 rule book
Choking Hazard

NOT A TOY! Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years.


2 dwarfs, 2 caves, 1 competition!

You are standing before a cleft in the mountain: the new home of your dwarf tribe. There is a lot of work to be done with only two pairs of helping hands at the start. Soon more members of your tribe will be able to help but there is no time tobe wasted. Another nearby tribe is seemingly doing better than you. So, chop, chop! Cut into the mountain, furnish cavern after cavern, and collect grains, flax and building resources. Look out for precious metals and get wealthier than the other tribe could have ever imagined!

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small and Le Havre: The Inland Port were just the start. Now Uwe Rosenberg comes back with another 2-player adaption of one of his big games: Caverna! 2 players, age 12 and up, have a direct confrontation between their dwarf tribes in this 45 minutes long adaption. Every round they compete for the available action tiles which are needed to cut out new caverns, bring up walls and furnish rooms. Additionally they need to get resources in order to pay for all that and, we are talking about dwarfs after all, want to collect precious metals to grow their wealth. The dwarf tribe leader who acomplishes to gather the greatest wealth will be winner of this contest of the dwarfs!




Rules (German)


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