Color deviations with Forest Shuffle

Cover: Forest Shuffle

The Lookout team is aware that the latest Forest Shuffle base game print run is slightly off color. The deviation on the back of the cards is minor, the base game perfectly playable. Unfortunately, the Dutch Forest Shuffle: Alpine expansion was also affected. All other versions of the expansion are fine!

HOWEVER: If you mix the base game with the Forest Shuffle: Alpine expansion, you will notice the difference. Ah. Not. So. Good.

The image shows two Forest Shuffle cards next to each other. The left one - in comparisson - has a slight but recognizable yellowish color mismatch.

Even if this may not bother some of you, Lookout wants to ensure a perfect gaming experience for everyone. We are therefore in contact with the manufacturer, to work out a proper solution to replace your decks if you wish so.

We will provide detailed information by mid June. Thanks for your patience!

To all markets still looking forward to the arrival of a new batch: this is why your copies are still delayed. Your retailers will have update information regarding new print arrivals by mid June, too!

To all the lovely people contacting us in the last days: Thank you!
The Lookout team